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Default Re: Discernment of spirits

Although this thread is the same title as the one I started in the main forum, I see this thread is different .

This one seems to be about subjective discernment of spirits. My thread was about objective discernment of spirits based upon simple tests we can do about what we know of and believe about the historical Jesus. These tests are recorded in the Bible, they can be taken and applied and anyone can apply them, even unbelievers - they do not require any subjectivity.

In this respect it is very simple - tell me what you believe and know about Jesus, and I can tell you whether or not you have the Spirit, instantly. It worked for the early church and it still works today.

This test works because the genuine Spirit is the Spirit of the historical Jesus who really existed. The genuine Spirit will not contradict the historical Jesus by saying that Jesus had two heads, was homosexual, was gender neutral, or was merely a ghost. Demons will always present a distorted view of the historical Jesus, and that could even be by a seemingly innocent painting of a pretty boy Jesus.
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