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Default Re: Discernment of spirits

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
The bible tells us to "test the spirits to see whether they are from God". And the tests I have provided from Scripture.

You have a serious inability to know right from wrong. The bible is full of absolutes, and we cannot follow God if we are not absolute. The cults of liberalism, pluralism and relativism are a serious problem. Absolute standards are biblical, but the issue is with the standards, not the matter of being absolute.

You started this thread trying to be funny, copying my serious thread in the main forum, with apparently no clue of how to discern spirits. When I started a thread, it was full of informative content. So far you have not explained how you would discern spirits, either subjectively or objectively. Not even offering a human perspective, is it that your little toe tingles, or maybe the hair on your head stands up? How do you discern? Otherwise, just a time-waster as far as I'm concerned.
I discern from your post that you are angry. Did I get that right? Be honest.

Funny or not, my opening post has proved to be prescient so far in that I see that there is no agreement and vehement contention on both threads addressing "discernment of spirits".

Perhaps we will make more progress if we apply the principle known as Occam's razor which says "Entities are not to be multiplied without necessity". In this case, if we want to understand discernment, we might get further if we eliminate those ethereal ever-elusive hypothetical entities called "spirits".

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