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Originally Posted by zeek View Post
I discern from your post that you are angry. Did I get that right? Be honest.

Funny or not, my opening post has proved to be prescient so far in that I see that there is no agreement and vehement contention on both threads addressing "discernment of spirits".

Perhaps we will make more progress if we apply the principle known as Occam's razor which says "Entities are not to be multiplied without necessity". In this case, if we want to understand discernment, we might get further if we eliminate those ethereal ever-elusive hypothetical entities called "spirits".
No, not angry. You wrote nothing that would make me angry. I admit, I challenge, I provoke, I am zealous, but to generate a positive outcome, not to appear angry. I think it is not possible to rightly discern an emotion from text. One can only guess.

Onto something more meaningful - I agree to an extent, I think "spirits" is overused. I do not dismiss them however. If only God's Spirit exists, and no others, then discernment is to ascertain whether or not a person has this one and only Spirit, and who does not. To try and discern things which do not exist, is a futile exercise in mind projection. People seem less harassed by demons when they refuse to believe they exist. The atheist is neither troubled by or concerned with demons or angels, or God.
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