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Default Re: Discernment of spirits

Great testimony byHismercy. Thanks.

While reading my eyes were opened to see all kinds of ways He has given us discernment. Just yesterday I was reminded by the devil of some shameful thing I had done 46 years ago. Right 46 years ago. Before I was saved, I had very little common sense. And I do mean very little! Just a dumb kid getting into trouble all the time.

Being dramatically born again all alone in my bed gave me my first dose of common sense. That was the Spirit of God living within my heart. I saw everything in life differently. I was not comparing things in my life with a few select verses, rather I had begun to walk by the Spirit. His gift to me of "common sense" could also be called the "discernment of spirits."

Today we do not walk merely by the Bible, but we walk by faith, we walk by His Spirit. Sure the Bible is vitally important, but our daily walk is not by the letters in a book, but by the Living One who is the Word. Praise Him!
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