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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Originally Posted by seeking1 View Post
So, I do realize that the local church was kind of hard on sisters, depending on the locality, it was harder for some sisters than others..
The local church was initially egalitarian with sisters. Watchman Nee used them extensively as a stepping-stone to power. Eventually they were no longer needed, and seen as a threat to the "authority" of men, and were discarded. Back to the nursery they went.

Originally Posted by FaithSavesKeswick
In 1935 Nee became involved with Pentecostalism through Miss Elizabeth Fischbacher of the China Inland Mission.[1665] He had “overcome his reservations about women preachers sufficiently to attend her meetings,” and, in line with his Keswick continuationism, “acknowledged the Holy Spirit’s . . . gifts to the church of healing and of speaking with and interpretation of tongues.”[1666] Nee “found peace and spiritual blessing in her message and some experiences associated with her Pentecostal theology.”[1667] Miss Fischbacher, who translated various items for the Little Flock into English,[1668] accompanied Nee to the 1938 Keswick convention;[1669] the addresses in Nee’s The Normal Christian Life were delivered on this trip to the West.[1670]
Peace Wang and Ruth Lee were also Nee's closest 'senior' co-workers. Eventually, though, egalitarianism served its purpose - the acquisition of temporal, earthly power - then it was formally rejected. Like in the book, "Animal Farm". To get rid of the current ruling class, "we are all equal"; to establish a new ruling class, "but some of us are a bit more equal than others".

Of course, this is just hypothesis, suggested by the facts. It may be that the "truth" of the local church and egalitarianism is different. I'm just writing what I see, and what it suggests to me. It may suggest something else, to other readers.
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