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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
do you know who wrote this? What is their agenda?
They don't like the Keswick Convention for sure. . .it was hard to tell . . . they were talking about modalism and deification; Pentecostalism and holiness/sanctification. I'd been looking for info on Elizabeth Fischbacher and Watchman Nee; they'd gone together to Keswick and she translated his talks, there. So they were more than passing acquaintances - they were at least for a while co-workers and peers.

Originally Posted by Watchman Nee - The Overcoming Life
In Chefoo I learned a lesson. One day Miss Fischbacher and I were praying for definite gifts from God. I was praying for the gift of faith, while she was praying for the gift of healing. After we prayed for a quarter of an hour, both of us received the gifts. In the evening we went to the meeting, and Sister An told me that another sister living downstairs in the meeting place was going out of her mind... The next day I invited Miss Fischbacher to come with me to see the sick sister. Of course, I could have gone alone, but Miss Fischbacher had just received the gift of healing, and I had received the gift of faith. Why should we not apply them now? When Miss Fischbacher got my invitation, she was somewhat hesitant. She said she would pray first. After she prayed, she decided to come. ….The Lord gave me faith. My faith rose up in me, and I began to praise the Lord! I knew that she was going to be healed. After Miss Fischbacher prayed, she also had faith and began to praise the Lord. Then two brothers and a sister also prayed a few words, but they were not in the flow of the Spirit as much as we were. Then the time came, and I had to take Miss Fischbacher to her boat.
Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
I find it amazing how the Recovery can use people, and then discard them. And vice versa. The Keswick Convention of T.A. Sparks was always held in high regard by Lee.
Keswick was held in regard in the LC because it validated Watchman Nee before Christianity. But the LSM would never endorse "Fallen Deformed Christianity" Keswick on it's own right! "Mystery Babylon" Keswick! Oh no! Funny how that works. It's always a one-way street: the My Way Highway.

Originally Posted by David Woodbridge PhD Thesis on the Brethren in China
Most of the duration of Nee’s second trip to Britain was spent at the Honor Oak Fellowship Centre of Theodore Austin-Sparks. Formed in 1925, Honor Oak hosted regular church meetings, but also formed a larger operation that included residential conferences and regular publications. Nee had been introduced to Austin-Sparks’ writings by Margaret Barber, and he had subsequently befriended a CIM missionary, Elizabeth Fischbacher, who had been part of the Honor Oak Fellowship before becoming a missionary. Fischbacher resigned from the CIM in 1935 and became associated with the Little Flock. It was she who had suggested that Nee accompany her and a group of missionaries to Britain in 1938.
In the LC we respected Keswick because it validated Nee and by extension was one of our bona fides of Christian spirituality. But we didn't want to know too much about Keswick, because then, someone might start asking questions about Elizabeth Fischbacher and egalitarianism. Besides, it's Mystery Babylon.
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