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Default Re: Egalitarianism Vs. Complementarianism

Originally Posted by seeking1 View Post
Though I don’t agree with the author’s hard line Baptist position, there is so much in this article that simply cannot be ignored, it is a scathing indictment of Nee, Lee, Pentecostalism and how they all were the fruit of the “Keswick Revival”. .
Hard line Baptist dogmatism is not a savory stew for sure. Yet if Martin Luther "recovered" anything about justification by faith, we shouldn't casually dismiss the Baptist critique, either. In short, it seems the "holiness" movement suggests a "second level" of Christian experience, and this is what the Baptists object to. In my case, having gone from Baptist to LC and back, I can see it from both sides. I was drawn to the Charismatic Experience, as superior to hearing the gospel preached every Sunday morning. "Repent or face damnation" every week does get old.

But on the other hand, the "next level" Christianity becomes a moving target; Lee introduced the Vital Groups concept because we weren't vital enough. Said who? Said Lee. So he had a fulcrum to manipulate us. When we were in a heightened state of subjectivity (shouting, repetitive chanting, rocking back and forth) we were under the thumb of Lee. He could suggest anything. We competed to see who could shout AAAYYYEE-MEN! loudest.

But if the topic is women's role in the Church, the influence of women on Nee can't be dismissed. And yet his movement does indeed dismiss them. Go figure.
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