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Default Re: 7 False Teachers in the Church Today

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
Although the article makes some good points, I think the above is overstated and inaccurate.

First, it's just too strong. Surely militant atheists and heathen terrorists, for example, are greater ambassadors of Satan.

Second, the way it is stated it seems to be targeting all pastors.
I agree with this. The article is almost "Lee-esque" in presentation, going well beyond normal warning signs, and sowing suspicion into the hearts of readers towards all pastors.

For example, the author states in the second paragraph, "The Heretic is the person who teaches what blatantly contradicts an essential teaching of the Christian faith. He is a gregarious figure, a natural leader teaching just enough truth to mask his deadly error." My first reaction is to be suspicious of all "gregarious figures and natural leaders."

For years Lee did that to me and to others, as if by warning us of the dangers of other gregarious pastor / ministers, he himself would be protected from scrutiny. Lee regularly touted his own lack of charisma, with broken English, to "prove" that he alone was faithful to the pure word of God, and the truths of scripture.

I'm glad Igzy responded to this, otherwise I felt I would be the odd man out. After leaving the LC's, too many leave the "good" with the bad. They leave the faith, when leaving the LC. They throw Jesus out with the bad religion they left. This forum is replete with such children of God. Thus sometimes we "old-timer" Christians need to provide "warnings about the warnings."
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