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Originally Posted by OBW View Post

While this is not a new idea, it came to prominence in recent years when both Rob Bell

And the arguments for so-called annihilation (punishment that ultimately results in the destruction of the body and soul) are not without support. For example, when it says "shall not perish but have everlasting/eternal life," are we sure that perish in this case is not the death we thought we deserved when Adam and Eve first sinned? We already got separation from God.

But I do not ask the question to seek an answer. I find that the answer is within the purview of God and not man. And that answer is not mine to decide or execute. So I will gladly leave it to God and in the meantime take heed to the warning that giving us even a hint of what could otherwise be coming is out there to help me keep on the right path.
Maybe it isn't yours to decide or execute but just maybe it can be yours to understand the motives of our God that is...if that matters to you.

Before this post, I never heard of Rob Bell and Brian McLaren. I reckon they have their say in the matter and I've been open enough to read some about what they are up to but I have to tell you that in my world they are meaningless and had no effect on my leading. I seek Gods leading and I believe it is He who has stirred up the desire in my heart concerning this matter of eternal torment.

What does The Spirit have to say...?
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