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Originally Posted by manna-man View Post
Dear brother BJB,

I disagree.

Do you know what Babu means? It's too easy to make judgements against people without knowing much about them. I encourage you to find more of his articles and read them before making such claims against him.

The topic is eternal torment. I presented it because I have.major issues with it and how it makes God look. I don't like everything about Babu's presentation but it's the best I've seen yet.

So... BJB,

Tell me, do you believe God considered everything before creation and then pulled the trigger knowing that those who reject his plan won't just die but suffer in eternal agony for some glorious cruel I told you so?
IMHO...if you believe that you have character issues as well.

I don't mean that as an attack but a wake up slap.

Holy hugs and kisses to you dear brother!
Hose Jr
I never heard of Baba Babu before; we have all been down that road of diving into some man's great teaching that is snips, cut and tape scripture presentation. I pointed out that part of his argument included an entity not found in scripture- God the Son. Not a small error in my opinion.

I also included two verses from Paul to Timothy that do speak of how we should view God's heart toward man. Particularly important to me is that God is savior of ALL men, ESPECIALLY of those who believe. I believe and want that "especial", but I also recognize that there is an ALL in there. I don't- I use the word think in this case rather than believe- that God is not in the business of eternally punishing man.

What do you think of the two Timothy verses given by Paul, an apostle by the will of God?
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