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Originally Posted by Boxjobox View Post
¿What in the world is a universalist? Seems there is a label for everything. No, bro I just a Christian who try’s to walk in faith.

But, back to Paul and Tim- I ask myself, why Paul would tell Tim “all” men and then “especially those who believe”. If I was Tim, I would think that all means all. But in the scriptures, it seems with the right combination of verse fragments, one can have the scriptures saying just about anything.

One thing the scripture does not use is God the Son. It definitely presents the Son of God, and the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus, but Son of God- that’s a nyet (a little Russian collusion there). But the Baba Babu sticks it right in his dissertation

Son, Ah say son, you got to be with it, we don’t want no fox to get the chickens in this barnyard.
Mornin BJB,

Ezekiel 18 one of my favorite go to places in the bible which lays down clearly who will live and who will die.

It also reveals that God takes no pleasure in carrying out judgement that he would prefer all would be saved.

It's so redundant even I get it.

A Universalist believes that all humankind will eventually be saved. This can not be true because scriptures make it clear that a choice is to be made and consequences have been established...Eternal Life or Death.

Eternal torment is a false narrative/seed designed to...when it germinates...Makes you question the character of God our Savior.

I'm not twisting words. Merely showing that eternal torment makes no sense.

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