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Default Re: Reconsideration of the Vision

@ Unsure: Brother T, denoted as "a certain apostle" may have been AW Tozer, who WL met with and dismissed as passe, or TA Sparks. WL couldn't work with anyone else, but expected everyone else to be able to work with him. In this he closely followed his mentor WL.

In the official biography, WL noted that WN chafed under elder brothers while still under MEB's tutelage. What WL doesn't note is what happened, after: once WN began to minister, alongside some of these same elder brothers who also labored (one of them procured the original meeting hall for the Shanghai Christian Assembly), he leveraged them away from the work by forcing points of doctrine. Eventually WN was left alone, unchallenged. Then lo and behold he discovered the Deputy God principle, and the requirement of absolute submission.
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