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Regarding the financial questions, we hope that the ministry office will put out a detailed statement by a CPA firm, or let IRS or FRANCHISE TAX BOARD examine all financial matters.
The contents of this pamphlet are only for the dear ones in the Lord's Recovery. Please do not show this to outsiders, so that our testimony will not be damaged. You are welcome to copy it and distribute it to others in the Lord's Recovery. May the Lord be with you all. Amen.

January 29, 1988
I'm sure some have wondered who is "The Heavenly Voice of the Truth Guard". In my honest opinion it was Chinese speaking brother or brothers most likely from the Church in Rosemead. As this came out following Don Hardy's ousting as elder from the English speaking side in the Church in Rosemead. Following Witness Lee installed an elder from the Church in San Bernardino (Francis Ball). As beloved Francis was in San Bernardino, he did not receive a warm reception in Rosemead. The events that followed in Rosemead I believe was the spark that ignited this document.
I believe elders in the local churches are generally passive and tolerant. They go along with the system and tolerate wrongdoings and injustices only to a certain point when they cannot tolerate any more.

How LSM handles it's finances and it's disclosure appears to be the core issue in Reconsideration of the Vision.
Someone must have taken it to heart "You are welcome to copy it and distribute it to others in the Lord's Recovery" by distributing a copy to my sister when we were in college. That's how I initially read it 1990/1991.

I'm sure the intent of the authors in writing this was to keep it contained within "the recovery". The brothers at Living Stream have had ample opportunity to resolve it in a good way and never have. Instead a brother writes a deceptively misleading book Sacrifice and Sail On. Further rejecting any notion of financial misconduct.
Thus the only recourse is to "shout it from the rooftops".
"Even a neutral has a right to take account of facts, even a neutral cannot be asked to close his mind or close his conscience."- Franklin D. Roosevelt
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