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Default Re: Reconsideration of the Vision

I think this "pamphlet" is very relevant to the turmoil and concerns of this period. I have no idea who this "Heavenly voice of the truth guard" is (apparently it was originally written in Chinese) but they were obviously tired of all the abuse, sinful behavior and nonsense coming from "The Office". People can only take so much much...

Frankly, had I gotten to see this pamphlet at the time it was written, I would have left the Local Church much sooner. I had moved from Orange County by then, and I think I finally got a hold of this in the early 90s (about the same time I got a copy of John Ingalls' book and some of the other writings put out at that time.) By then I had heard and seen a lot...and had no doubt that much of what was written was actually true. By then I could no longer swallow hook, line and sinker "The Ministry's" version of these events and concerns.

Anyway, even though I think it is rather harsh and very rough around the edges, in retrospect it is very understandable why these brothers wrote what they did and in the manner they did. I think the issues they address here are worthy of our discussions even today.
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