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Default Re: Reconsideration of the Vision

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
Frankly, had I gotten to see this pamphlet at the time it was written, I would have left the Local Church much sooner. I had moved from Orange County by then, and I think I finally got a hold of this in the early 90s (about the same time I got a copy of John Ingalls' book and some of the other writings put out at that time.) By then I had heard and seen a lot...and had no doubt that much of what was written was actually true. By then I could no longer swallow hook, line and sinker "The Ministry's" version of these events and concerns.
I had first read it while in college. At the time I was rarely meeting. How many have read or heard about it? In later years I resumed meeting on a regular basis for about seven years. My experience had been whatever LSM releases is accurate and whatever is released contradicting LSM is rumor.

Consider even if some of the events in Reconsideration of the Vision is true, there are brothers and sisters meeting in the local churches that will continue to meet because in their mind it's through LSM where the Lord's Present move on the earth is.
As for others such as myself, there's the belief LSM needs to suppress reports (accurate or not) for image, for preventing the next storm, whatever the case is may be.

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