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Default Re: Regarding recent technical problems

Originally Posted by UntoHim View Post
I see that the problem is intermittent, some of you have posted quotes in just the past hour or so. Could you guys please give me a more detailed description of the problem so that I can bring it to the attention of our hosting company?

I have tested the system several times throughout the day and have not experienced any such problem.

This time it works perfectly. The last time I did it was also fine. But earlier I hit the "Quote" button and got a blank post area. Might as well hit "Reply." And just hitting the back button then hitting quote again seldom fixes it.

And on occasion, I hit "Preview" and the content of the editing area goes away even thought the preview is there. If I copy the content, the hit the Back" button, the original quote returns, but none of what I wrote. I then paste my part in, and edit the quote (again) if I had in the first place.

Because of that last one, I am beginning to copy the entire edit area prior to hitting "Preview" so that I can immediately put it back in to work on if I need to.
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