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Default Re: Regarding recent technical problems

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Some use MS Word or other editors to write their post, and then paste it into the forum. Another way might be some text cut and paste from some other source.
I used to do that, but with one of the MS upgrades, it started to copy lots of extraneous characters and it was a fairly complex editing effort to get rid of them. Sometimes using <shift><enter> instead of just <enter> and then copying the Word text to Notepad, adding a space after every paragraph break, then copying that to the forum would work. But even that was inconsistent over time.

I have abandoned that method and now draft in the forum, copy to Word to see the spelling errors and to read it better, then make the changes directly to the forum.

But none of this explains why hitting "Quote" in a post gives a blank screen. I think I will try to quote one of the ones I had trouble with yesterday and see what happens.
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