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Originally Posted by Thankful Jane View Post
It is no accident that there are so many Blendeds who are Texans. Benson built his base out of loyal brothers and took many of them with him to Anaheim. Actually, Texans were placed all over the country through migrations.

I once heard that sibling rivalry in a family is usually due to one or more parents showing favoritism. The children compete with one another for the favor of the parent(s). It is plain that the relationship between Lee and all his LC leader children fueled this kind of behavior.

Benson was definitely the most patient, and he certainly knew how to position and use other people for achieving his longterm goals.

Lee preached oneness, but his ways sowed division.

Thankful Jane
Jane, I understand what your getting at. Clear and simple there's too much emphasis on man and not enough on the Lord. Which is why we have these unsavory power struggles, factions, and unconditional allegainces to man in the local churches. In reading what Don has had to say, he's been one of the few to emphasize discernment over personal relationships. If there are more who have, please speak out.
No matter how much you or I might like or respect a particular brother, that should not become between our discernment and in our walk with the Lord.

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