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Originally Posted by YP0534 View Post

can you cite to me a place where it is printed this phrase "as I laid my pen down"?

I think I heard that once but not enough to stick.

Your quote brings it back to mind for me and that just happens to jibe with some of my speculation about October 1984....
YP, I heard that phrase a number of times, and it became almost symbolic. The actual event was the finish of the outlines and notes for the Acts Training in Irving winter 1984. I was there, staying in Arlington. WL used the event to imply that his Lfe Study work in the US was finished, and he was moving to Taipei to start something new.

At least that is how my memory remembers it, but I couldn't point to a book, I don't remember reading it. After that training, subsequent ones became wild promotionals for recruitment of full-timers and the FTTT.
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