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Hope wrote: While MR attempted to shake things up he never sought to throw anyone under the bus. WL had no problem with jettisoning brothers. His motto was "shed two tears and go on."

Ohio wrote: Hope, your comments about Max are notable. We always heard that he was extremely ambitious, usurping power and position, while WL, otoh, was always kind, benevolent, spiritual, magnanimous, and godly -- though perhaps a little "vulnerable" to the likes of Max -- because he (WL) was somewhat distant and "removed" from the "politics" of leadership, in order that he could devote himself exclusively to prayer, ministry, and the study of the scripture. Apparently that was a public relations message.

I have known Max since I was 17. That's a couple of years. (39, almost 40, to be exact). I just can't tell you all how much this man and his wife have meant to me over all these years. I claim no sense of objectivity when discussing them.

Oh, it is just so hard for me to write what I am wanting to here. I keep deleting everything I type.

Hope wrote: he also had many good points and I can dig out some helpful actions on his part and he did shake up some apathy that needed shaking up.

I can say so many things. And at the same time, I feel like there is just no way to say this at all.

Yes, he had many good points. And he did not try to throw anyone under the bus. WL's motto was 'shed two tears and go on' ? Oh, my word. That is anti-everything Jesus is. We love Him, because He first loved us.

WL was vulnerable to Max? Not even. It was clearly the other way around.

Yeah, Ohio. You nailed it. It was a public relations message of the first degree.

Boy, we all have our hearts on our sleeves at times here, don't we? Hope, you have written several times about reactions to things people have written that put you the floor. (I think those were your words, I'm writing from memory.) This is one of those times for me.

I look forward to some writing that may shed a more complex light than we have been used to hearing concerning this brother . Be gentle, everyone. Remember, he was one of the first quarantined.

I love this man. It's that simple.


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