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Originally Posted by Hope View Post
...For me this whole period of time was so sad for all involved. Eventually WL was way too strong for MR. I was in the meeting at the home of WL when WL decided to deal with MR and to deal with the threat MR posed to his leadership.

... If I hurt any who participate on this forum please grant me the favor of your forgiveness and I will be happy if you desire to address my failures directly.

Hope, Don Rutledge

When was the last time you spoke with Max and his wife? This is certainly a rhetorical question. I sense an amount of regret or something in your tone as you're writing about Max. Maybe you should contact them.

Forgive my meddling. It's just a thought I had while reading what seems to be a heaviness in your heart as you're writing this.

We are all different people today from what we were then. Older and wiser, by His great mercy. The most important thing we need to learn from all of this is that the flesh and blood we once may have wrestled with was not our enemy but our brother. Praise Him that with some of these brothers, there is still time. I think there are matters that the Lord would have us attend to while it is still called "today".

Don't pay any attention to me, Don.

Blessings to you as you continue to chronicle a very sad story that will one day be to Him a glorious victory.

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