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Spiritual Abuse Titles Spiritual abuse is the mistreatment of a person who is in need of help, support or greater spiritual empowerment, with the result of weakening, undermining or decreasing that person's spiritual empowerment.

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Default Jezebel -- why we should know who she is.


Revelation provides a direct charaterization of the woman Jezebel. She leads people into spiritual fornication as the real Jezebel did with the nation of Israel.

Was she Israeli, a member of the beloved people of God? What does spiritual fornication mean as applied to the church?


Jezebel has been coming up more and more in the posts. It seems that this is becoming far too important to just give a brief answer to. I have come to realize that this is not referring to some obscure experience that only a few Christians in "degraded Christianity" experience, but rather something that all Christians need to overcome.
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