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Regarding Registering and Posting on this Forum Please Read First!

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Default Regarding Registering And Posting On This Forum

* If you wish your name to remain anonymous, feel free to register and post under a moniker, but please, please do not impersonate! If you could be considered as a member of the Local Churches, or have been in the past, please do not lead people to think that you have never had any personal association with the Local Church Movement. Conversely, if you are not presently, nor ever have been a member of The Local Churches, please do not lead people to think that you are a member, or have been a member in the past. For the sake of clarity, and to avoid confusion, all posters are urged to make their personal experience/relationship to the Local Church Movement known. Those posters who exhibit blatant deception in this matter will be subject to actions from being whipped with a wet noodle all the way up to permanent banning.

* Any contact information provided as part of the registration process will be fiercely protected

* As Christians we are to walk in the light. (Eph 5:8 - I John 1:7) Any and all posts that indicate deception or an obvious attempt at subterfuge will be deleted at the discretion of each board moderator. Please say what you mean and mean what you say!

* Personal attacks, insults, flaming and trolling will not be tolerated. A good rule of thumb would be to not post anything on this board that you would not say to somebody's face.

* Please do not flood the boards with massive amounts of posts in a short period of time. Do not cross-post (replicate/copy same post) in multiple boards.

* Please refrain from any profane or extra-strong language. If you have even the slightest inkling that what you are about to post fits into this category, then just go ahead and assume that it does and do not post it.

* Please do not discuss politics or political figures except on the designated board(s)

* Men/brothers: If you are addressing a poster who is known to be a woman/sister, please interact with her in the same respectful manner that you would want somebody to interact with your own mother, sister, wife or daughter. "Weaker vessel" does not equate to weaker mind or weaker argument. Got it? Good!

* Patently irrelevant or off-topic posts, material, references and attachments may be modified, moved or deleted at the discretion of each board moderator.

At this present time, it is the feeling of the administration to not activate the "warnings and infractions" function of the forum software. If you see one of your posts disappear it is likely that you posted something that fits into one of the "no-no" categories noted above. If time allows, you will receive a message from one of the administrators or a moderator with a very brief explanation, and maybe a suggestion on how you could have "worded" your post a little differently.

Posting in a sensible, logical and considerate Christian adult manner
should result in being treated as a
sensible, logical and considerate Christian adult

Please place your concerns and complaints regarding
the rules and policies of this forum in the box provided below:


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