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Regarding Registering and Posting on this Forum Please Read First!

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Default * All Regulars and Guests Please Read *

This forum is very open to guest (unregistered) posting. However, the guest designation is intended for posters who post very infrequently. Guest posts must be moderated and approved before they appear publicly. If you want to engage in a real-time discussion, a guest post may not be seen for hours.

It is NOT the responsibility of forum moderators to make sure guests posts are made public in a timely manner. We have real lives and jobs and will not apologize if your guest post does not get approved for hours or even more. If you want your post to appear in real-time, please sign up as a full-fledged poster.

We heartily welcome guest posting and new posters. However, guest posting is not the best vehicle if you intend to submit multiple posts in a short period of time.

Let me also add that guests will be moderated more closely than full-fledged posters. Do not expect your guest posts to be rubber-stamped, especially if they are confrontational.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

To Register Send Request and Desired UserName to LocalChurchDiscussions@Gmail.Com

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