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Default Whereabouts

I haven't seen any posts by Awareness and ZNP lately. Are they still participants?
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Default Re: Whereabouts

Hard to say. I note that awareness last visited in mid-November been while ZNP has been online within the last few days. I do know that Z has gone through a couple of brief "time-outs" over the years. And he has ceased participating of his own volition on occasion.

I also have been in and out for the past couple of years. Strictly of my own doing. If there was a reason for awareness ceasing, or even zeek (last visit the same time as awareness), I have no idea as I was not online during that period.

And if there was some kind of infraction in any case, it is unlikely that it would be generally broadcast around the forum. Unless there is some serious problem, the goal is not to sully anyone's reputation, but to allow them to stop and take account of their activity on the board.
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