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Default Local Church Songs

I left the local church (in Anaheim) in the early 90s, but still think fondly of many of the hymns and old supplement songs, and some of the Long Beach supplement songs, etc. Some of my best memories are at retreats and conferences where I, as a young person (back then) sang these songs with others out of a simple and pure love for the Lord. Many songs in fact were written by young people themselves and as I sing/look through them, the majority of the lyrics are excellent and based on the Word and a passion to follow Christ. The Lord gifted me with the ability to play music, but I wish there was a place/setting where I could sing some of these songs with others. Not sure if any others on this board who have left the local church still sing their songs...

My general approach to the local church or any other church/movement with errant teaching or failures on the part of any individual, is to not throw out the baby with the bath water. If there are truths, wherever they may lie, I try to hold onto them.
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